REUSE eBook by Macarthur Foundation

REUSE eBook by Macarthur Foundation

Reuse – Rethinking Packaging Free eBook

Converting 20% of plastic packaging into reuse models is a USD 10 billion business opportunity that benefits customers and represents a crucial element in the quest to eliminate plastic waste and pollution.

This new release from the New Plastics Economy team provides a framework to understand reuse models by identifying six major benefits of reuse, and mapping 69 reuse examples. Based on an evaluation of more than 100 initiatives, and interviews with over 50 experts, it aims to inspire and help structure thinking. Reuse – Rethinking Packaging provides a basic description of how different reuse models work as well as typical implementation challenges.

It is not intended to be a detailed how-to implementation guide. The focus of this initial work is on packaging solutions in business-to-consumer (B2C) applications. While there certainly are many reuse opportunities in business-to-business (B2B) applications, these are generally better understood and adopted at scale already.

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Villa Maggiore

Villa Maggiore


We are pleased to inform you about the recently completed transformation of a dis-used villa in the northern Italian Lakes district.

The ‘Villa Maggiore’ project led by Superuse On Site used waste materials in the building renovation, minimal remodelling, and passive and zero energy systems to transform the disused villa to zero-energy, circular holiday home to showcase circular design in Italy. Part of the villa transformation was the 450m2 interior fit-out from waste, designed and built on site in 4 weeks in ‘Furniture Jam Sessions’ with 14 international waste designers.

You can download the extended press release in both English and Italian here

An Italian villa is used as teaching ground by Dutch waste architects to spread circular design tools, methods and thinking to Italian designers, architects, contractors and industry. The project culminated in waste materials from industries around Milan being up-cycled to design furniture for the 450m2 interior fit-out which was designed and built on site in 4 weeks in ‘Furniture Jam Sessions’ with 14 international waste designers. 

Curated by: Superuse On Site & Harvest Map Italia featuring Refunc, Studio Cifra, Superuse Lab, Cro2o and many other.

See the extended photo reportage by Denis Guzzo.

Enjoy more insights by visiting FURNITURE JAM SESSION in progress at Villa Maggiore IT

Make City Festival in Berlin

Make City Festival in Berlin

Group exhibition.

Recycle chalkboards are being replaced by smart-boards in schools across so they became a common ground  for the exhibition with:
bureau SLA [NL]   Superuse Studios [NL]  Refunc [NL/DE]

Join us for a talk by Peter Van Asshe.
30.6 // 11:00 |  Warnitzer Str. 26 | Berlin

VIISI LABS Circular Office Design

VIISI LABS Circular Office Design

Between 2015 and 2016 pioneer architect Césare Peeren designed and realized part of the new interiors for VIISI ‘s headquarter, an ambitious and innovative  company based in Amsterdam. At the end of 2016 the project won the Desko Circular Design Award powered by Desko.

A worn out bowling alley floor, dead stock Trespa table tops, vintage lamps, and heraklith acoustic system ceiling panels were redesigned to give a sustainable yet classy looking ‘living room for academics’. The space is used both as lunchtime canteen and evening seminar room.

Following the scouts and the makers during the different steps of production, this portfolio shows the process behind the scenes: where the materials came from and how they have been treated and upcycled.

Divided in #11 main photo series this reportage highlights the Superuse design practice with an accent on the craftsmanship of these amazing makers: an homage to the master of crafts, their dedication, their ability to transform something that was discarded into innovative and beautiful designs.

Trash to Treasure LAB | Shenzen

Trash to Treasure LAB | Shenzen


2015.11 / 2016.02


Trash to treasure lab shows the potential of waste for design and architecture. It includes stacks of available waste material flows in the region of Shenzhen. Next to this the lab displays inspiring examples of design with waste by Superuse studios and several tools that help applying the materials for designers. The material on display is a tiny fraction of the vast volumes industry produces and currently genrerates little or negative value. The series of designs by Superuse Studios prove there’s a huge creative field to be explored and the potential for new value both economically, socially and for our environment. Their waste service desk helps those who currently seek for more valuable application of their material and invites everyone to start designing the circular economy.