RE-USE.EU was created to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, experiences in material engineering, design, architecture, and city-making. Waste in nature does not exist, and we believe that from nature, we can still learn how to analyze and improve our production cycles, saving resources and decreasing the impact we have on the planet.

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting.     We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.”

Buckminster Fuller

American architect, systems theorist, inventor, and futurist.

“Powered by oil, we have dug out more then enough resources. Now it is time to reuse and cascade the materials we have around us through endless loops of design and re-design.”

Césare Peeren

Dutch architect and pioneer of sustainable solutions. Co-founder of Superuse.



Photo & video
We believe in the documentation of projects and case-studies as a catalyst to disseminate the practice of creative reuse. We like to execute it through photography, film, and interviews.
This platform has been created to display our content, but we can also publish other content.


Knowledge is power
Documentation of projects and case-studies needs to be curated, analyzed, edited, and discussed to gain new awareness regarding their potential. This process allows us to create a project report that, together with the reportages, can lead to outstanding results.


Our expertise lies in both communication and project management. Project reports and press-releases are the main goals to reach a good overview of the work done and invìcrease the chance of publication across our network.



Waste to Treasure 

To disseminate the practice of RE-USE we have created and tested an educational module that cover different aspects and working, highlighting both regulations and operational solutions. Our theoretical module, in the form of a seminar, includes three main sections: inspirational session, regulatory session, introduction to material harvest.


Think BIG act Small

The most effective way to implement our action is to combine lectures with practical workshops for material harvesting. So far, we have been implementing the Harvest Map in various European countries, allowing architects and designers to connect with local companies and institutions to provide the new material sources.

Design & Build

Design as Politics

We like to empower local institutions and professionals with new methods and resources. Together we can sustainably improve our cities. Material harvesting, prototyping, and construction mean to respond to our local needs with a new approach. Prototyping is the most effective way to evaluate the potential of new material streams.


RE-USE.EU was founded in 2018 by Denis Guzzo who is actively contributing to this platform as a content creator and content manager.
Elisa Saturno is supporting as a project manager and editor since 2019. Both are actively involved in the network of reuse-based design in the European context.

Denis Guzzo

is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, and producer who graduated in communication design from the Royal Academy of Te Hague ( NL ) in 2010. He intensively documented the work of Superuse for ten years now. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in magazines such as Volume, Icon, A+U, Korean Landscape Series, Metropolis M, New York Times; in many books and on books covers.

Elisa Saturno

is a social designer and lecturer based in Milan, Italy. She is specialized in developing strategic design processes, social design activities, workshops for community development, and engagement. Elisa has been pioneering the use of Harvest Map in Italy ad contributing to the educational action of RE-USE.EU by analyzing industrial waste materials flows to locate and define sources for professional upcycling.


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